Frequently Asked Questions

As a quick reference guide for our valued clients we have prepared some of the most frequently asked questions. We recognize that we cannot predict every question you may have. Therefore, if you have a question which is not covered by this document, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Question 1
Are you looking to replace the accounting or consulting firm that we are currently using?
Absolutely not! In over 90% of the reviews we successfully find profit savings over and above any firm that our clients have used or are currently using. And as a result of our success, many clients have continued to use our services on a regular basis.

Question 2
Is GRS offering the lowest fee?
GRS offers the best value. Our fee is paid only if we are able to deliver results. Best value is a combined measure of service levels, professional standards and most importantly, the ability to maximize profit recoveries.

Question 3
Does GRS have innovative approaches for achieving its client objectives?
GRS’s consultants are continuously developing new ideas and unique ways to increase profits for our clients in this rapidly changing business environment. We pioneered various winning methods that have resulted in substantial cost savings and as a result, greatly increased bottom-line profits.

Question 4
What are the issues and methods employed by GRS?
GRS can only provide such information once you become a client. GRS has developed many issues and methods that have greatly benefited our clients. Invite GRS to look at your operations to see if you can benefit from our service.

Question 5
Does GRS provide support to its clients?
Absolutely at no extra charge! GRS will gladly provide all new and current clients with confidential telephone or email access where we can direct you to the consultant with the related area of expertise. This service will continue to all clients that maintain a current status with GRS.