Recent Client Success Stories

Operational excellence and client centric priorities

Following are just some of our success stories:

Case #1
Company Profile:
An International manufacturer in the automotive industry with revenues exceeding $60M annually recently completed a similar review and was very skeptical whether new refunds could be found but allowed GRS to conduct a review:

Additional refunds of over $30,000 were found in HST/GST and PST Refunds of $10,000 were uncovered in the same areas already reviewed by a previous firm. As a result GRS was given an opportunity to conduct a review at its sister plant.

Case #2
Company Profile:
A major leather importer and custom manufacturer operating in Canada/USA for over 25 years has been using GRS services annually for the past 5 years. As a result of recent changes in case law, GRS favorably applied the changes to the client resulting in a recoveries of over 100K:

As a result of a continued relationship and having gained intimate knowledge of the business, GRS was able to negotiate a ruling in the client’s best interest. The client not only saved paying additional duties but as a result increased its export markets by offering competitive pricing leading to increased overall annual revenues.