The GRS Approach

End to end services provide the depth and innovation to achieve results

Our approach is built on relationships. That means a comprehensive and sustained focus on service at the highest levels throughout our entire firm to meet and anticipate your evolving needs. Quite simply, the building of relationships starts with listening to you, our clients. But while we take pride in each of these acknowledgements, we take our greatest satisfaction from our clients who continue to entrust us with their most pressing matters.

The key to our success is to ensure that each and every client receives the most pioneering and innovative action plan. That not only limits the time and effort required by our clients but achieves the strategic solutions required for exceptional results. GRS’s highly skilled consultants employ the expertise gained from servicing hundreds of clients throughout North America in various industries and develop a specific one –on-one approach that is unique to each client. Understanding the corporate diversity and the challenges that go along with it, our consultants continually refine and re-define their approach to maximize value for each individual client.

As a starting point, GRS has developed a standard 5 point action plan that serves as a foundation for our review:

1. Initial Consultation
Our consultant will begin by conducting a preliminary meeting with key personnel to identify all potential areas of savings. At the conclusion of this meeting, our consultant will outline an action plan and a timeline for completing the review engagement. This meeting typically requires less than 30 minutes of your staff’s time. What matters most to us is going beyond good results and focusing on our clients’ goals and the long-term success of their business.

2. Review Engagement
Once the potential areas of savings have been identified, our consultants will review, in great detail, all relevant records to maximize the savings by applying the expertise gained by GRS staff in all potential areas including Commodity and Sales taxes, Customs Duties, Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED)Tax Credits, Payroll taxes, and any other refunds possible. Once the relevant documents are available, the review engagement requires very little time by your staff.

3. Documentation

This part of our review is typically done off-site at our offices. Once the review engagement is completed GRS staff analyze and prepare detailed documentation required for filing any claims with the appropriate government departments/ suppliers as to expedite and seamlessly process all refunds. This process generally requires no time by your staff.

4. Computer Assisted Review

With the enhancement of electronic data processing technology, GRS is able to conduct computer assisted reviews. GRS tax professionals provide the technical assistance necessary to convert client supplied electronic data to effectively analyze and consolidate documentation. At GRS we have a customized file-by-file approach, and use the most current software for our computer models to complete the review.

5. Presentation of Findings

At the conclusion of our review engagement and documentation, our consultant will hold a meeting with key personnel to present and review the various areas of potential recoveries including all forms and documentation required for submission. At the conclusion of this meeting, A detailed summary will be presented to the client and GRS will file the necessary documents, negotiate and substantiate our findings with appropriate parties right up to the point where all savings are realized.

Value-Added Service
Once your firm comes on board as a client and maintains a current status, our consultants are available to answer any questions your staff may have in all areas of commodity and sales taxes, custom duties, SR&ED etc. GRS’s highly skilled professionals not only recover the maximum you are due, but also offer tax seminars to your key personnel to help your business stay ahead of the curve. This interactive seminar is designed to address current legislation as it applies to your tax situation, discuss how to streamline procedures, and what your company can do to keep more of its revenue.

Zero Risk

There is no up-front fee for our services whatsoever. Our fee is entirely related to the amount of the refund we successfully recover for you. You pay absolutely nothing until you receive your refund! It is our business to contribute to your bottom line, and obtain real savings for your company. Our exacting approach to analyzing every file produces results – we will find the maximum refund possible!